Welcome to GTANet

The GTA Network IRC is part of GTANet. The network is built around the GTA community, setup to provide a central location for all discussion relating to the games, the mods and almost anything else (within the rules). Since the IRC became part of GTANet late in 2004, it has expanded and grown to host some of the largest GTA-related chatrooms on the net.

We'd like to warn users that this site is very much a work in progress, and may not be fully functional for many months to come due to the small quantities of free time available to us.

Get Connected...

For those who already have an IRC Client installed then can connect right away using irc.gtanet.com.

Official Channels
#GTA General Chat and all forms of GTA discussion.
#GTA4 General Chat related to Grand Theft Auto 4.
#MTA Multi Theft Auto modification discussion.
#VC-MP Multiplayer modification for Vice City and the GTA: Liberty City mod.
#CallCentre Help on IRC-related matters from the staff.